Anthony Fong, Co-Director, Coach

Anthony is an NCCP level 2 Certified Ontario Volleyball Association Coach, and former Chair of the Region 5 Athletes' Development Program in Ontario.  He has helped coached, identified and developed elite athletes that have competed at the provincial level and various varsity programs.  His coaching experiences have benefited the Titans Volleyball Association and Galaxy.  He has coached at various levels from High School Boys to a Semi-Pro women's travel team (Mike's Hard) for two decades.

Anthony started participating in the NACIVTs at the age of 14, and has been involved in the "circuit" ever since with a few years off in between.  He formed Toronto Excelsior as one of the earlier women's club teams in the circuit which evolved into Toronto Blaze.  Eventually he went back to the team he started off playing for to help run the Toronto Flying Tiger's women's teams.  Along with Daphne Choi, his former assistant coach and player, formed Toronto United to focus on the development of their combined provincial club athletes.

He's delighted to see the growth of the sport in both the men's and women's division in Toronto, and hopes to contribute to the city's continuing development of competitive teams.

Daphne Choi, Co-Director, Coach
Daphne is an NCCP Level 3 Certified Coach, who was introduced to the game in university after 
focusing heavily on softball and basketball in her younger years.  She was privileged to be able to play for both the Toronto Flying Tigers under then-coach Anthony Fong, and the powerful Toronto Thunder in the North American Chinese Volleyball Circuit.

Choi is now an integral member of Ontario’s volleyball community as the head coach for the George Brown College Huskies Womens Varsity Team in the Ontario College Athletics Association.  She is a Director on the Ontario Volleyball Association's Board of Directors and has been an Executive Member of the Christian Volleyball Association for over a decade. Her coaching experiences in the Ontario Volleyball Association include head coaching for notorious clubs such as the Titans Volleyball Association, Pakmen, Galaxy, and Markham Revolution.  After an assistant coaching, bronze-medalling performance at the 2014 Ontario Winter Games, she returned as a Head Coach in 2016, capturing gold for Region 5.  She has worked with Team Ontario Athletes and members of the Junior National Canadian team, through her experiences with Volleyball Canada's REP program, and in 2017 was the lead indoor volleyball coach for Team Ontario's Tall Maple's Program.  To top it all off, she is also a certified OVA official, and Parapanam sitting volleyball results associate.

With Choi, working hard equates to having fun. Her teams are well disciplined and love accomplishing their goals. “My athletes are my inspiration every day for continuing to coach,” says Choi. “Dedication, teamwork, and development are 3 things that have always been the core of my coaching program.”

Alma Labayen, Coach
As a proud volleyball parent of a TUV member, Alma has been able to step in whenever needed.  His positive outlook and volleyball knowledge is inspiring and has lead many of his teams to overachieve.  

TUV Roster - Women's

NamePositionClub/School Affiliate
Abigail Tolentino TUV 
Ada Wan S,OH TUV 
Amanda Wong OH TUV 
Anna Nguyen OH Jr 
Brenda Lu Jr 
Carmen Chung M, OH TUV 
Charlene Zhang OH Pakmen 
Christine Estacio OH, L Etobicoke Titans 
Danae Campana OH Humber College, Leaside, E. Titans, Aurora Storm, Pakmen 
Daphne Choi M, OH, Coach George Brown College 
Deanna Pan OH/S TUV 
Diane Fonseca M, OH TUV 
Emily Luc OH Jr 
Jazey Lui OH, L TUV 
Jennifer Hoang OH Jr 
Jennifer Hung TUV 
Jessica Barrios OH George Brown College, Etobicoke Titans, Mississauga Pakmen 
Jessica Diep OH Jr 
Julia Lu M/OH TUV 
Kerri Chau Setter Jr 
Linda Huynh-Nguyen M, OH TUV 
Lisa Sit OH TUV 
Marla Pontipiedra S, L Etobicoke Titans 
Monica Yeoh OH TUV 
Monica Yeoh L, S TUV 
Natasha Ng TUV 
Nicole Shinozaki OH Pakmen 
Sara Hua S/OH TUV 
Sara Tonogai L, OH TUV 
Susan Boratynska OH TUV 
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Men's Roster

Andrew Ebreo Setter, Back Court 
Kevin Chien Back Court 
Minh Dong Back Court, Suicide 
Aaron Ng RS 
Alan Lam Fast Ball Shoot 
Brendan Yip Fast Ball 
Daniel Doan OH 
Eric Chien Setter, Back Court 
Jimmy Ho Two Ball 
Jonathan Li Back Court 
Jordan Cao Two Ball 
Kendrick Gamsawen Back Court 
Long Vo Back Court 
Mac Mandani Two Ball 
Peter Diep Setter, Back court 
Vincent Phung Back Court 
Vincent Quach Back Court 
William Qiu Fast Ball 
Anthony Choy Shoot, Fastball 
Benson Tran Fast Ball 
Bo Zhang Two Ball, OH 
Denis Cleto Back Court 
Erros Canezal Back Court 
Gary Fong Back Court 
Gelo Goze Setter 
Hiroshi Kuniyoshi Setter, Back Court 
Jason Choy Setter 
Jonathan Estacio Back Court, OH 
Joseph Hanlan OH 
Kevin Lo Back Court 
Mark Tanglao Back Court, OH 
Martin America Two Ball 
Nick Manalo OH 
Ryan Dang OH 
Steve Wong Two Ball, Shoot 
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TUV Awards:

Most Improved Players: Linda Huynh-Nguyen & Diane Fonseca
Rookie of the Year: Lily Diep
Team Strong All Star: Jessica Barrios
Team Fierce All Star: Natasha Ng
Most Appreciated Player: Sara Tonogai
MVP: Natasha Ng

Most Improved Players: William Qiu & Gary Fong
Rookie of the Year: Kendrick Gamsawen
Team Bold All-Star: Daniel Doan
Team Might All-Star: Benson Tran
Jr. MVP: Joseph Hanlan
MVP: Andrew Ebreo

Most Improved Player: 2018 - Stephanie Vuong
Rookie of the Year: 2018 - Nikki Huynh
NACVIT MVP: 2018 - Tina Tran
Club MVP: 2018 (tie) - JJ Silva & Ada Wan

Most Improved Player: 2017 - Carmen Chung
Rookie of the Year: 2017 - Victoria D'Acre
NACVIT MVP: 2017 - Vanessa Millare
Club MVP: 2017 (tie) - Vanessa Millare & Ada Wan


Aimee Osunduba 2013, 2014 
Allyson Yang 2018 
Angela Wei 2015 
Anita Ngo 2012, 2013 
Anna Xu 2012-2015 
Betty Tran 2012-1017 
Caitlin Le 2014-16 
Cynthia Chiang 2014-2016 
Cynthia Tseng 2014 
Dorothy Bonsu 2014-2016 
Elein Tang 2017 
Emily Cho 2014-2015 
Fiona Tsang 2012, 2013, 2014 
Jennifer Vicente 2014-2017 
Jessica Chan 2012-2015 
Jessica Silva 2015-2018 
Jessica Zheng 2015 
Judy Ly 2013 
Jullian Chen  2015 
Kaitlyn Macdonald 2014 
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